Quarantine- 1.1

“HEY! PSST! AVERIE! C’MERE!” The girl yelled, her eyes darting back and forth spazzily, the fake ears wiggling on top of her head.

Averie sighed and floated into the room. “Why do you have to be the one other person that can see me?”

Calli put her hands on her hips. “Eat.” She gestured to a weird cake thing on the table, a sinister smile lighting up her face.



“We’ve been through this- I. Am. A. Ghost. Ghosts don’t need food.”

She twirled her fingers impatiently. “Do it.”

I sighed and picked up the fork, taking a bite.

She started chanting softly behind me, giggling every so often. I paid no mind, however, because she usually had fits like this.

Only after I was finished-

The pace of her words increased, her eyes burning to a black, and she threw a hand up.

The strange girl finished the chant and threw her arms up, her mouth opening and head tilting back.

Averie’s glow increased, and she began floating into the air, like she wasn’t tethered to the ground anymore. She shut her eyes, straightening up and also tilting her head back.

Her glow increased-

And she was brighter than the sun.

Calli laughed.

And suddenly-

She could feel her arm. Her fingers gently ran up an down the smooth surface of it, and she gasped.

Her heart was beating.




“UH- UH- AVERIE!?” A voice gasped from the doorway, Gavin flinching back and staring wide-eyed at her.

“Averie.” He said quietly.


“You’re alive.” He muttered, and she squealed, throwing her arms around his neck.

“Gavin, Gavin, I’m alive!”

Calli, from behind the sibling’s backs, sighed. “You’re welcome.” She reminded, crossing her arms.

“Thanks.” Averie said, her smile strecthing.

“Well, I don’t really think I can top that.”

Averie’s eyes were drawn to Effie as she smiled in the doorway.


“I’m pregnant?” The girl glowed, a smile alighting her red lips.

Gavin stuttered for a moment. “Really?”

“No.” She said, rolling her eyes.


“Yes, stupid.”

His eyes flew wide. “WOW!” He danced around the room like he was six again, screeching. “I’m gonna have a baby!”

“I don’t think it works like that, babe.”

He sheepishly stopped, taking her hand and laying his other on her slightly swollen abdomen. “Oh…” He grinned. “Right.”

They hugged, but Effie’s face slackened, recycling the fears her mother felt years ago- she didn’t really think she would make a good mother. In fact, she knew she wouldn’t.

But she had Gavin, and Gavin would always help.


“Uh, Mort, don’t freak out and stuff, but…” She cringed. “I…am….pregnant?” She mumbled the last part, ducking her head.

She bit her lip nervously, waiting for a reaction.

“So, yeah.” She smiled nervously, rocking back and forth, and his face was still blank from shock.

He unfroze.

“Danni, that’s great!”

Her head snapped up to him, a hesitant smile lighting up her face. “Really?”

“You’re going to be a wonderful mother.” He said in her ear, fingers winding in her hair. She smiled.


“Hey. Psst. Averieeee!” A voice sang out of my field of vision, and I woke up completely.

“Dude! This is my first night back as a human, let me enjoy it!”

“We’re going somewhere.”

“Wha-what?” Averie mumbled, the girl coming into focus.”

“Going. Somewhere.” She repeated.

“Dude, no thanks. Go away so I can sleep.”

“We’re leaving in thirty minutes. Get dressed up pretty.” The girl smirked and twirled, smiling and walking out of the room.

Averie sighed.

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